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Behind The Collective

The Livestock Collective exists to fill a void of information. We aim to connect our industry to people who aren't involved in agriculture, especially live export. This means our target audience isn't people actively involved in agriculture and rural industries. However, industry support underpins our success and allows us to connect with our target audience. Behind The Collective is our behind the scenes exclusives and support party so we can keep The Livestock Collective as the forward facing brand. 

The Livestock Collective remains one of the only organisations who has people not connected to the industry as their primary target audience. As such, The Livestock Collective will continue to provide transparent, educational material. We aim to help build more acceptance and trust every day.

"When there is a void of information it will be filled."

Our partners, sponsors & subscribers underpin our success

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“I’m an adamant believer of authenticity when communicating our sector story and there’s no better way to do that than spotlighting those who live and breathe it. The Livestock Collective supported many talented, passionate members of our community by equipping them with the confidence and the tools to do exactly that. The team were professional, clever and articulate in how they delivered the course and went above and beyond not only during the workshop itself but in the planning and follow up. We loved working with Milly to execute the programme and the speakers were world-class and generous in their teaching. I highly recommend this course and will support TLC for many years to come.”

- Margo Andrae, CEO Australian Pork

- Margo Andrae, CEO Australian Pork

Meet the Team

Our Directors: Holly Ludeman, John Cunnington and Steven Bolt bring a wealth of industry knowledge from many different areas to The Livestock Collective. From Veterinary expertise to on farm expertise in both the cattle and sheep industry sectors. All members of the board also sit on a number of other boards or committees, as we believe in collaboration with the wider industry.

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