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The Live Export Journey

Lets find out more about the live export journey

What are the issues with live export?

The practise has been criticised by some parts of the community in the past two decades as the Australian community has become more aware of animal welfare practices, and has questioned animal welfare conditions on live export vessels.

While it may seem like the simple solution, the call for the end of live animal export altogether would see Australia miss out on significant opportunities, and we believe that with a collaborative approach we can reform the current industry and offer practical solutions that benefit all involved.


Many people point to the live export mortality rates as a negative fact of the industry. We at The Livestock Collective understand this concern and are here to communicate the number of changes that the industry has made to improve the trade. Animals such as cattle and sheep have lower rates of death than they did five years ago, while buffalo have fewer than 50 fatalities per year.

Sheep Supply Chain

Cattle Supply Chain

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