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Would you like to experience what it's like on a real live export ship? Well now you can with our new Virtual Reality experience!
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Learn about the live export supply chain as livestock start their journey on farm
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Sharing our Genetics
Australia has a long history of exporting breeding livestock to countries around the world, supported by superior genetics and Australia’s favourable disease and health status. Lets meet a Dairy Farmer to learn more!
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This video offers an inside look at Australia’s live export supply chain, following livestock from farm to final destination. By watching, you can learn how millions worldwide depend on Australian livestock exports for protein and see the export process from start to finish.

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Sheep and cattle begin their lives on farms, where farmers care for them until they are healthy enough to be transported. Livestock farming families breed and raise animals to meet export market standards. As of January 2021, the Australian livestock export industry contributed over $1.8 billion to the annual gross domestic product and employed approximately 13,000 people across urban and rural areas.

Virtual Tour

Our new Virtual Reality experience transports you onboard a real export ship, allowing you to explore the vessel in immersive detail from the comfort of your home. Step into a virtual world and see firsthand what life is like for the crew on one of these massive ships. Experience the ship’s sights and sounds as if you were there in person, all without ever leaving your home.

Resources, Media & Projects

Interested in learning more about livestock production in Australia and exporting them overseas? Look no further! We’ve curated a collection of essential resources to help you dive deepe rinto this fascinating industry. Check them out now and expand your knowledge!


Resources that provide in-depth details about each part of the live export supply chain.


Factual and current information from authentic supply chain participants


Partnerships, projects, and ways that we’re working to support the livestock industry in Australia.

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