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Markets for Australian livestock

Australia exports live animals to many countries.

Millions of people around the world rely on Australia for protein through livestock exports.


We are not only one of the largest exporters, but we also have the highest standards for animal welfare.


Watch Nick Crichton a Supply Chain Consultant explain the process of when livestock arrive in overseas locations.

Each country has its own reasons for preferring live animals over boxed meat. Some places have religious or cultural reasons, while others lack infrastructure for fresh or frozen storage.

What happens when livestock get overseas?

When the livestock arrives in their destination country, they are transported to Australian approved feedlots where they are taken care of for the remainder of their lives.

Our importing countries have comprehensive feedlot systems that fatten and nourish livestock.

These feedlots have extensive ties within their local economy.

This video outlines what life is like in destination countries for Australian livestock. 

Livestock export creates thousands of jobs in Australia and many more within the importing countries.

Feedlots & Employment

While a feeding operation may only have 150 employees on paper, it impacts thousands of people in the community.

Feedlots require products and services from businesses in water, power, feed, and farming supplies.


Many local people throughout our international markets are financially sustained through live exports, these include local workers in abattoirs, feedlots, farmers and truck drivers.

This video explains the value of live export to people overseas.

Wet Markets & Refrigeration

Many countries have wet market systems because many people worldwide do not have access to refrigerators and the preference is for fresh products to ensure food safety.


For example, according to the CIA World Factbook, nearly 50 million Indonesians don’t even have power.

Watch this video as an importer talks about the value of live export to Java.

South-East Asia is one of Australia’s closest trading partners, being home to over 640 million people.

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