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Our Story

In December 2018, The Sheep Collective was created through RETWA and Emanuel Exports Veterinarian and Animal Welfare Compliance Officer, Dr. Holly Ludeman, who embarked on a transparency challenge to address a sheep export industry in crisis. This crisis was sparked by the Awassi Express footage released in April 2018 by 60 Minutes and generated by Animals Australia.


This footage was distressing to everyone and it further highlighted the void of information industry had allowed to occur. The live export industry, like many agricultural businesses was not prepared and didn’t have the skills or knowledge to know how to better communicate with the community. An industry that thousands of rural families, small business and communities depend upon.

The Sheep Collective project changed the conversation by filling the void of information through the use of authentic stories and meaningful engagement, including providing access to information, images and footage not seen before.


From the success of The Sheep Collective project, The Cattle Collective was launched and the movement has since evolved into an overarching non-for-profit company called The Livestock Collective


The availability of factual and current information from authentic supply chain participants has proven to be an effective way of providing information to the community. The Livestock Collective aims to create the missing human connection with live export industry, the wider livestock industry and agriculture as a whole.

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