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Values and Beliefs

Australia exports live animals to meet worldwide demand for protein and genetics.

For countries where climate and geographical conditions limit the ability to sustain their own breeding flocks, importing livestock is a vital part of their protein consumption and food security.


Livestock exports allow many families access to quality protein, at a reasonable cost to feed their families.

In this video Osama explains why they prefer live animals.

Food security concerns impact hundreds of millions of people globally.


Another reason for live animals is culture preferences and religious requirements.

Some countries importing Australian livestock process their animals in a particular way according to their religious beliefs.

Halal preferences in many countries require  animals to be processed in their country, as opposed to having meat processed in Australia.

Breeder Exports

As acknowledged by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), agriculture, including livestock production, is one of the most important sectors for poverty alleviation.

The destinations that breeder animals go to will help deliver food security by having access to fresh dairy products or building their own beef breeder herds.


Find out more about Breeder Exports here.

Our commitment to a safe and sustainable trade has made us the gold standard in the industry.


Live animal export in Australia has continued to raise the bar on ethical standards, keeping both livestock and activists satisfied.


Our commitment to continual progress ensures a sustainable trade now and in the future.

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