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Learn about the care of livestock on farms

Sheep and cattle start out their life on the farm, they are cared for until they are healthy and old enough to be loaded onto a truck.


Many families that contribute their livestock to the live export trade have bred and raised them to meet specific market requirements.

​As of January 2021 the industry contributes more than $1.8 billion to the annual gross domestic product (GDP) and employs approximately 13,000 people across Australian urban and rural territories.

Meet the sheep farmer

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What is mustering?

A ‘muster’ is the process of gathering livestock. Cattle Mustering on stations is the process of finding and gathering cattle together, often from paddocks that are millions of acres.  

Cattle are mustered using a range of different methods including helicopters, horses, motorbikes, and buggies that can handle the tough terrain.


What about animal welfare?

Check out this video from Kalyeeda Station in the Kimberley to get a better idea

What is drafting?

Drafting is sorting livestock into similar categories.

This is done so that livestock can be treated, such as drenching or tagging or sold and put onto trucks.

Drafting is usually done in purpose built yard with low stress and animal welfare in mind.

Watch this video to learn more!

What is Shearing? 

Shearing usually takes place once   a year and most woolgrowers employ specialist shearing teams, who travel across Australia  shearing sheep for a living.


Depending on the number of sheep, a shearing team can include two or more shearers, one or two wool handlers and a wool classer.

For more information about shearing, go to:

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Why is live export important for farmers?

Exporting livestock via sea and air freight has been a staple of the Australian economy for nearly 200 years.

Farmers from all over Australia are passionate about sharing their story and why they do what they do on farm to give the wider community a better insight.

Watch as farmer Kylie explains how her family business works and how high standards in animal health and welfare practices positively impact on their business.

Click here to continue your live export journey

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